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Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Aluminium

Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Aluminium Fabrications Specialists

Based in Burton on Trent, in the Midlands

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Our extensively equipped, modern workshop units are located in the centre of Burton on Trent in Staffordshire -  easily accessible from the A38 and A50.


Our team has a broad skill base and a flexible approach, enabling us to take on a wider range of work than many of our competitors, delivering highest quality with shorter lead times.


We invest in leading edge equipment, enabling the highest standards of accuracy on our fabricated items.


High Quality Metal Fabrications

Our procedures are regularly reviewed and improved to ensure that we maintain the highest standard of product quality and service.

We are firm believers in good communication, within TAS and with our clients, as we believe this is the key to professional, competent service, delivered - every time. 

Working with TAS Engineering

We listen to your requirements and work with you to identify the best solution for your needs. We never try to over sell and always consider a range of options to provide the result you need in the most economical way.
Our aim is to provide the best quality finished product to meet and exceed your expectations, ensuring that you will want to work with us again.

Additional services

TAS Engineering Laser Cutting Services


By working closely with trusted local businesses, we can provide a flexible pool of resource to complete urgent jobs quickly.

Additional services such as surface coatings and finishing through to machining services can be incorporated into a complete package to save you time and money.


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We are accredited by Safe Contractor, the leading health and safety accreditation scheme in the UK. Visit for more information.


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All employees are CSCS card holders and undergo regular training in Health & Safety procedures and requirements. More information at


So, why THINK ANT?

Well, like many things that are the product of an over active imagination and an odd sense of humour, it’s a long story. Not that long though.

Some years back we were working on a job that had to be completed within a very short timescale. Things weren’t going as well as they should, mistakes were being made and we were all a bit fed up. One of the guys got a bit despondent and said that he didn’t think that we’d get the job done in time. Not completing on schedule wasn't an option, so I told him that we would think like ants.


TAS Engineering - think ant



Look at the obstacle, evaluate it and then work through it or around it to end up where we needed to be. THINK ANT was born and it just stuck from there. Whenever these so called obstacles appear again, we all know what we have to do!

Joking apart, it has been a pretty good philosophy and worth remembering when you begin to feel defeated by a given situation. There’s always a SOLUTION to every problem.


So, Think Ant Solutions gives us the T A S in T A S Engineering Ltd.



To discuss your requirements, please call 01283 529149

or contact TAS Engineering