Metal Fabrications in

Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Aluminium

Food, Dairy & Beverage

Services in this sector can range from the fabrication of processing equipment such as cooking trays through to handling equipment, then onto mechanical installations of commercial cooking equipment. There are no standard product lines that we offer as individual customer’s requirements are often so diverse. We have to be flexible in our approach to meet their needs.

Our pipe work installations are most commonly associated with cooking and will often comprise of services (steam, condensate, water and air) and process (product and CIP lines). They will also, typically be, a mix of hygienic stainless steel and carbon steel pipe work. Thermal insulation for pipe work can also sourced by us if the customer requires.

A lot of our most recent work has been supplying equipment to an improved specification over existing items. We are often asked to provide input regarding design revisions as we possess a good understanding of what the causes of a particular design’s weaknesses are.

Breakdown repair coverage can be arranged when a customer either finds themselves short staffed or the work required is outside of the skill level of the available staff. It is often a customer preference to hand over control of all elements of a breakdown wanting to just be notified when the equipment is up and running again.

Machinery refurbishment - see Process Equipment is also undertaken and can include:

  • Full strip down and checking of components.
  • Manufacture or source replacement parts.
  • Shot blasting and re-painting.
  • Provide additional parts to allow alternative usage.
  • Machining work.

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