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Sushi Rice Line for Ichiban Limited

Our contract was to unload and de-crate all the equipment brought in from America then transport it to the factory, assemble, align and fix it in place. Some items required modification, whilst others were completely remanufactured to fit in with existing items of equipment. The final stage was to pipe up the individual items with steam water and air as required.
Sushi Rice LineRice Cooker
Rice Cooker
Rice conveyor imageSushi Rice Line
Rice conveyors and mixing tumblers
Cooker access platform imageSushi Rice Line
Cooker access platform and water heater

Paragon Processing Solutions imageSushi Rice Line
Paragon Processing Solutions commissioning engineer
Sushi Rice LineCooling conveyor image
Cooling conveyor
Cooling conveyor  imagealt6
Cooling conveyor and oil blending tumbler