Metal Fabrications in

Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Aluminium

Process Equipment Fabrication

This is fairly closely associated with our Food & Dairy work but tends to encompass a complete installation package. These will tend to  be vessel (cooking or storage) installation, service and process pipe work, fabrication of access equipment, cooling towers, heat exchangers etc, and lastly, assisting with commissioning and testing.

We can either supply all the equipment required although it is more often that we will source the smaller, ancillary items with the customer free issuing the larger items. It is also not uncommon for us to work with the suppliers of these larger items to carry out some aspects of installation work on their behalf.

We have, in the past, removed equipment from a site that has been closing and reinstated it in a new facility, covering transport and machinery moving requirements. It is essential to adopt a methodical approach when carrying out this kind of work utilizing photographs and logging/tagging dismantled parts.

A lot of new installations have to be incorporated into existing equipment, so connections and the sequence of installation have to be addressed prior to work commencing. We are able to sit down with the customer and raise any issues and pitfalls they may have overlooked. Disruption to production must always be kept to a minimum and, with proper planning, this can be achieved.

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Process equipment pipework